8 Things to Do on a Snow Day

It happened today! The first snow day of the year happened and no matter how much I know these days will come, next time I’ll be more prepared. So, i’m putting on my educators hat and my mom hat and helping you prevent my mistakes! Here are 8 things to Do On a Snow Day!

To keep your kids from spending too much time in front of the TV, help them to burn some energy and most importantly, keep everyone in your house happy healthy and sane. Here are some fun yet simple things to do!

Bake A Treat

There are soo many options when it comes to this! Some of my favorites include: Peanut Butter Protein Bites, Hulk Muffins, Cupcakes, and so many others. If you’d rather picky a healthier alternative that’s perfectly fine but incorporating a baked treat into your snow day not only allows kids to get handsy, but they get a pretty sweet reward. I’m going to challenge you, depending on the age of your little one, try not to get too involved unless for safety’s sake, and have fun. See what they will come up with. Help them will smaller things like understanding fractions in recipes but leave tasks like pouring, mixing… and egg cracking to your little chef’s. Close your eye and let them go for it. It’s a fun activity that will ultimately last over an hour or two.

Choose A Family Movie

Take Advantage of the time indoors to enjoy family time. Personally, the Thomas Clan loves times like this to find a free movie on demand or on Netflix that we’ve never seen before and experience it together! Even if it’s a bad movie, we pull out the stops; snacks, blankets, and theres a good change the kids will build a fort! We snuggle up and enjoy the time together.

Get In the Snow

The best remedy for cabin fever, in my opinion, is fresh air!! Especially when you have energetic little ones, being stuck inside for hours can become daunting for all involved. So, don’t be afraid to bundle up the little ones, throw on some layers and get out in the weather. If your snow days are similar to the ones we have in Maryland, you may not last long outside, but the fresh air can definitely go a long way. From airing out any germs, relieving cabin fever, and helping your little ones release built up energy. it’s worth a roll in the snow!

Practice Quiet Time and Meditation

After a busy morning of treats and playing in the snow you may need a bit of a break with some peace and quiet. And please know! This is necessary. Dare I say, one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to “entertaining” children is that they have to be “busy” all the time and this just isn’t the case. in our family in particular, our kids are 3 years a part. And while Joshua still needs a daily nap, Ava is hardly interested. But although she isn’t interested in sleeping it is still really important to give her body and her brain rest periods.

We recently starting incorporating meditation periods. And these times for quiet mindfulness allow her body and mind to recharge without sleep. Our favorite right now is from the Class Dojo app. It features short, guided meditations for young children that allow them to follow along with or without an adult. We allow her to repeat or complete as many as she chooses during quiet times and also set a minimum time ( hour and a half is typical) for rest time even if she doesn’t sleep.

Have A Dance Party

Pretty self explanatory right?! Grab Alex, and GO FOR THIS ONE! for as long as you like! put the tunes on random and dance your hearts out. Let the kids dance to some of their favs, you to some of yours, and find some common favorites and just dance your hearts out. They’ll have a blast. You’ll get your workout in, everybody wins!

Create something Colorful

Time to pull out the Craft Bucket! I feel like snow days are made for craft projects!! And in this instance, there are no limits. Depending on what you have available, you can make this activity as simple as coloring with crayons on coloring books or as complex… as you choose. But again, another opportunity to leave to the graces of little ones. be available for assistance but try not to get too involved unless they ask. Allow them to create their own masterpieces and be sure to display for everyone to see!

Pull Out the Board Games

I’ll have to admit, nothing brings back childhood memories for me quite like board games with my family. Though they weren’t my favorite activity, they were an all hands on deck activity. All of us would get involved. get competitive and most importantly have fun. Not to mention, it is the perfect alternative to screen time and allows families yet another opportunity to come together. Top it with the sweet treats we made earlier and we have an awesome time!!!

Purge 100 Things

Okay! I absolutely love love this! And it’s something I can get my kids involved -with some supervision lol! Make it a game, but explore your house and find 100 things that are trash. Not items that you can repurpose or donate but items that no longer serve you or your family any benefit or purpose… And trash it.

As we begin to prepare for the New Year, begin by letting go of all the things that no longer serve you- and that can start with physical trash. if you want to split it up, give a number to each family in your household. Maybe 25 items per person for a family of 4 and each of you are responsible for purging 25 non-useful items. This does not have to be rushed and should be done with mindfulness and thought! Consider if it has served it’s purpose. if so, toss it!

All in all, snow days are a perfect time to spend time together as a family but to also make sure that everyone in your home has a great time with the swift change of plans! If this list of things to do on a snow day was helpful, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section!!!

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