How I build my doula business from my Smartphone with HoneyBook!

Building my small business, I was well aware that I wanted to find a way to stand out amongst all of the other doulas around me. What was my speciality? What about my services would allow we to stand out in the industry of “birth-work”? I know the value of utilizing your personality and expertise to grow our clientele. However, something that was even more important to me was how to functionally manage my small business and still be physically present with my birth clients. I want to do it all and to also to be able to take the guesswork out of the technical side. Below I get to walk you through how I’ve been able to successfully build my birth doula business from my smartphone!

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Forms, questionnaires, appointments, invoices, contracts… the first thing that came to mind when I considered all of these things was paper. Lots and lots of paper and furthermore, paper everywhere! I cringed at the idea! All I could imagine was bins and file folders, big tote bags and binders, and that just wasn’t how I intended to rock out my birth business!

Why Smartphone CRM software for Doulas?

First, I needed an online space that would allow me to freely create, but also a space that could allow me to take everything that I would typically keep on paper and make it hand-held! Secondly, I needed a business management software that could increase my productivity and efficiency! Cue the big gasp! I know, everything is becoming digital these days and with such a hands-on business the thought of shifting everything to the big scary “cloud” can seem like a lot. But with multiple businesses, I needed the option of working on the go. Besides, whats a business without a wifi connection? Bad joke but follow me. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to give you the real of what its been like to build a birth doula business from my smartphone!

Imagine tapping a single app on your phone and pulling up every client in your database from initial leads to postpartum and being able to track all of them from where they are on their individual journey. And being able to do it while at your kids’ soccer game. Now imagine being able to do this all from your Smartphone on the beach! Pretty dreamy right? But it’s honestly that easy. By simply downloading one app on my phone I’ve been able to take my business and everything that comes with it, with me. Wherever.

Thanks to HoneyBook, I’ve been able to simplify my business using their creative CRM and navigate it all from my Smartphone. As a result of their easy to use small business management software, my clients and I can access everything they need when they need it, and I’m able to carry my electronic binder in the palm of my hand.

The most essential features that Simplified my Doula Business

All of your business documents can be accessed at any time from anywhere!

Customized Project Pipelines

Instead of keeping sticky notes all over or color coding the heck out of my agenda book, I can keep track of each clients individual timeline through the site. I can custom each step of my unique process to fit my work flow and HoneyBook’s easy to follow system, will help me pace each family I support. From the initial lead form on my website to my post-partum follow-up meeting, I can create easy to manage email templates and Questionnaires to go out at the check point times that I select. These are super customizable too, and HoneyBook will send over a gentle reminder in my messages if something is off. Having a feature like this allows me to aceppt clients at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum and easily integrate them into the system that works best for me.

Easy and Trackable Client Invoices

For me, the last thing I want to track down in the throws of labor is money. HoneyBook’s simple invoicing system allows me to send invoices with the tap of the screen. Plus, I can have funds automatically transferred to my account without even thinking twice. The option to customize invoices and emails is available as well and clients can choose from a number of convenient ways to pay. And don’t worry, no need to bug them with “hey did you get the invoice?”. You’ll get a little notification on your end to let you know that it has been opened and read. Not to mention how simple it is to connect to Quick Books for simple reporting! Wahoo!

Concierge Serviced Forms and Brochures from your phone!

Now, if I had to pick a game changer, THIS would be it! In order to do our jobs well, it’s important that we collect lots of information about the families that we support! As a result, we create brochures, create client files and folders to stay organized and hold info All is great but we end up with a loads of dead trees! *insert cringe face emoji* Using HoneyBook, all we have to do is create the document, upload it to your account, and the amazing tech team at HoneyBook will configure each document and add them to an nicely organized folder for you. Just imagine, you could have a fully functioning business with everything you need without having to print or copy anything. Talk about delegation!

In addition, you can neatly display your offerings in an easy to read, customizable, electronic brochure. Then, send them to potential clients with the click of a button! So easy right?

As a result, adding this amazing platform to my business had given me more ease than ever attracting clients to my business and handling paperwork in a virtual space.Which then allows me to focus my physical energy on them when it matters and not the papers!

You’ve just been upgraded girl!

Well almost. It’s been such a great help for me to mobilize my business that I get to share the wealth with you! For a LIMITED TIME, clink my special link to build your doula business from your Smartphone! With the link 50% off your first year or month (you choose)! We’ve got you covered! You get access to amazing chat and email support plus a super comprehensive online training to show you the ropes!

Make sure to leave a comment and let me know how you’ve been able to build your doula business from your smartphone! Also check out some awesome tips for increasing productivity and reducing stress here!

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