Make Room for More Productivity & Less Stress

As our life has become increasingly complex over the last 2 years, I have become super intentional about zeroing in on the things that I am most passionate about and finding ways to turn those passions into simple streams of income…all while balancing life as a mama of two crazy ones and wife. Sure this sounds pretentious, but I truly believe that the key to making the most of your life, is finding a beautiful blend between your standing responsibilities, what you’re passionate about, what you’re good at, and how you can use those talents to serve others!

As my husband and I both work to build the 4 businesses between us, enlisting help is a ever nagging elephant in the room. And as nervous as I have been about entrusting our most prized possessions to the others, I realized that I could become even more effective and even more efficient at building my passion projects with a few simple systems that would free my time and help things to function more smoothly in and around our home.

Though I’m still learning here are my favorite ways to enjoy life while pouring into the people and projects you’re most passionate about!

These are my Five Simple Solutions to MORE PRODUCTIVITY & LESS STRESS!

1. Hire a housekeeper or  cleaning service.
I learned this one early on while I was pregnant with Ava, that not only was cleaning not my favorite thing, but it also consumed hours upon hours of my time that I just simply was not willing to give. It was a stressful process for me not to mention physically and mentally exhausting. Spending an Extra$160-$200 per month was something I was willing to do to have someone come in to our home, deep clean and disinfect, and allow me time to spend with my family or work on a specific project. not to mention, the amount of stress that was lifted, coming into a sparkly clean and lemon-fresh smelling home without ever touching a broom or mop! TRUST ME ON THIS! GO FIND YOU ONE!

2. Enlist a personal or family assistant- This includes a Nanny
I’ll admit, this is still on my list of things to do but admittedly is on the goal list for 2019. I never realized how much running simple errands take uptime. Mailing cards letters and packages. sending catalogs and information packets to clients, preparing meals and other things. They all take up time!And though this may not be something that necessary everyday all day, having someone come in to take the kids out to play while you finish emails, or help mail packages while you run the little ones on a play date sounds like nothing but WINNING in 2019 to me!

3. Create a List of 5 things to Prioritize and decide if you win or Loose the Day: Maybe not “outsourced”but this is quite possibly my favorite amongst this list. Why? because as moms, and as millennial we love to lay on the to do lists THICK girl! lines and lines and lines of things to do that only leave us frustrated and feeling unaccomplished even if we managed to check a few things off.
One of my “sideline coaches” gave us this idea during a training call and it’s one that I swear by, make you like of top 5 priorities for the day. as you complete them check them off- if you complete more than 3, YOU WIN THE DAY!!! A Super simple way to give yourself some friendly competition all while knocking your list out one by one! Go Celebrate!

4. Take a Break… for self care!
Sitting in front of your work and responsibilities all day every day isn’t going to help you get the things done! if nothing else its STRESSFUL looking at the mounds of laundry, stack of bills, mess of a playroom, sink full of dishes, and who knows what else. My motto for life since having my son and forever more is “I can only do what I can do, and I cannot do what I can’t”. Too often we make ourselves feel guilty for not completing it all (see number 3) but I’d urge you, whenever you start to feel anxiety creep up, take a moment to stop.take a break. pat yourself on the back for what you’ve completed so far and reward yourself with something that brings you joy! Today for me, was a hydrating gel face mask. it only required 5-10 minutes of my day but was a moment to quickly celebrate all that I had accomplished for the day and toREWARD myself!!

5. DELIVER. EVERYTHING: One of the things that I had to accept when we transitioned to a family of four, was that while I enjoy perusing the aisles at Target. It becomes a bit more complex with two babies in tow. Impossible? Not at all. Just a bit more complex. So to save myself the stress and extended hour+ shopping in store,I’ve moved all of my shopping needs online. I’ve managed to create a great system in our home that basically calls for zero trips to the store other than occasionally picking up items that have already been ordered or quick short runs that I can make while my husband watches the kids. Everything from pillows to tooth paste and tomatoes can get delivered to our doorstep at the tap of the screen and at this point, I’m not willing to live our lives without Delivery Everything.Thanks to the ever evolving smartphone, It’s even super simple to have our bulk items delivered. i mean it honestly can’t get much easier than that!

I want to hear from you!! What are a few things you do to make life simpler?

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